Solmazer Kitchenware was established in 2006 by Murat Solmazer who provided service in tableware industry for long years. Our company produces kitchenware consisting of glass, plastics and metal.

Major part of companys sales activities is consisted of export activities made into 100 countries. Our firm which is working with the biggest retail chains and wholesalers in both foreign markets and domestic markets is increasing its recognition by participating in numerous national and international fairs and carrying its position in the sector a step further with its wide product portfolio. Solmazer which is working with its vendors, national chains and retail stores directly in national scale is the leader of its own industry in Turkey.

Solmazer Kitchenware operates in two different locations in both Istoç Headquarter and Büyükkarıştıran Factory. Büyükkarıştıran Factory is located in an area for 70.000 m2 of which 20.000 m2 is a closed area. Our factory has gone through all inspections requested by our customers.



History The business place which has been established by İ. Halil SOLMAZER in 1957 to mark

Our Integrated Management System Policy

Our establishment shares its undertakings to realize its liabilities and obligations withi

Solmazer Responsible Supplier Policy

Solmazer Sorumlu Tedarikçi Politikası Sorumlu tedariğe dayalı ortaklıklar, tedarik zinciri

Social Responsibility Policy

Social Responsibility Policy As Solmazer, our purpose is to: provide peaceful and safe w

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