The business place which has been established by İ. Halil SOLMAZER in 1957 to market tableware, glass products Şişecam and market goods was affiliated by Asım SOLMAZ in the following years.

The company had started to manufacture glass during 1963-64 and continued to provide service as a family company until 1979.

The company which sold glass tableware products to the wholesalers and retailers and created patterns for some part of the glass goods which it sold in 1980 opened its retail sales zone.

During this period, it was planned to sell products exclusive to the company and to obtain market share and profit, which was a strategy to determine the future and trade mark identity of the comapny in the following years and it was determined to realize new attempts.

Accordingly, it was decided to make an innovation by transforming glass food containers which was much cheaper into a tableware product which was more expensive in 1992.

Plastics which was the main operation field of one of the partners was gone through contract manufacturing and company-exclusive glass products with accessories were started to be produced and marketed.

The company with the title of Solmaz Mercan was established in 1994.

The company which had gained small scale and narrow range of turnover at the beginning developed swiftly and the first export activity was realized to the Philippines in 1996.

Solmaz Mercan realized much more activities in international scale after 1997 and started to have a role in the most important fairs of the industry to become a well-known brand in foreign market as well.

A subsidiary plastic production facility was established in order to solve the quality, stability and capacity problems during this period.

Solmaz Mercan has become a company which exports into 65 countries, complies with the ISO-9001 quality management system, has adopted the principle of constant improvement, gives authorization and responsibility to its team, works with consultants and designers, attaches importance to the teamwork, realizes plastics and wood production and its pattern and mechanic design with its own capacity and opportunities and is well-known in both domestic and foreign markets and of which models have been imitated in both Turkey and 7 countries.

After the company partners decided to apply different strategies in 2006,  Murat Solmazer established SOLMAZER Ltd. Şirketi in 2006.

And maintained the improving works of the company in the industry.

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