Social Responsibility Policy

As Solmazer, our purpose is to:

  • provide peaceful and safe working environment for our employees,
  • adopt the principle that the human comes firstin our operations as the fundamental value
  • maintain the reciprocal respect, safety and honesty atmosphere in our relations
  • not allow the operations which do not comply with the legal and ethic codes for anyone who might be affected by our operations
  • undertake to comply with all applicable local and/or national legal requirements
  • recruit our employees within the scope of decumented contracts under the laws,
  • not use any slave, fugitive or non-administrative labor force, not use any force or request employees to overwork obligatorily in our operations,
  • not recruit anyone under legal age or not recruit child worker,- provide special protection for young workers if employed,
  • not allow our employees to experience physical, verbal or inappropriate behavior,- adjust the working hours in compliance with the laws,
  • comply with the rights of employees to receive fair salary,- respect the rights of employees to form union or other worker unions and realize collective contracts,
  • take the required actions to remove or minimize the risks by realizing risk assessment regarding occupational health and safety; and make improvements constantly to provide safe and healthy working environment,
  • not allow to make any discrimination between our employess because of belief, ethnicity, language, gender, marital status, political identity, and provide equal opportunities to the employees,
  • enable the wishes, demands and complaints of our employees to be delivered to the management,
  • make efforts to improve the skills and abilities of our employees,- notify our employees about their rights and responsibilities,
  • enable this policy to be applied for subcontractors employees who will provide service in our factory.

Besides, we are closely following the undertakings of our business partners to comply with the social responsibility policies. 



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